Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Skin Care Nursing Home Medical Products

Isn’t it good health the number one priority in our homes? It is, isn’t it? Promoting good health does not only mean, keeping your home as germ-free as possible, but it also takes keeping skin care nursing home medical products in your medicine cabinet. The many skin care nursing home medical products target both adults and little kids alike.

Dry skin that eventually leads to irritation and rashes are among the main concerns of every manufacturer of skin care nursing home medical products. But, how do they really work? Babies and elderly are the ones who are prone to dry skin, making them the perfect target for these products. But, in order for you to appreciate how effective skin care nursing home medical products, it is better if you understand first the reasons of manufacturing such products in the first place.

We know that dry skin is an irritation caused by a lack of moisture in our skin and it is very common, which means anybody can have dry skin at any period of time. And because babies need the best care possible at all times, we’ll first deal with them.

Skin irritation or rashes in infants and toddlers are not very surprising to know as they can develop every now and then. Due to the sensitivity of baby’s skin, if it made contact with irritating urine and feces for a little more than a few minutes, then expect extreme redness from your baby’s behind. What happen really is that when bacteria found in stool mix with chemicals found in urine, ammonia is formed, which is a known an irritant to your baby’s skin. Also, you should know that using moist towelettes in wiping your babies behind can worsen more than it can help.

Now, for dry skin in adults particularly the elderly people, they tend to develop dry skin most often in the winter months, when cold air in the outdoors and dry and heated air inside the house can cause a decrease a decrease in humidity. These instances can result to skin’s moisture loss, which in many cases may cause it to get dry, crack and peel, becomes irritated and worse, get infected.

In response to these problems, skin care nursing home medical products are introduced to the public. The good thing about most of these products is that they contain mineral oil and water, which are essential to keep the moisture level of your skin normal. One of the skin care nursing home medical products known in the market is Formula II. Its special combination of three waxes, such as beeswax, cerasin, and paraffin, are what makes this product line stand out from the others. What it does is lock in the moisture of your skin or your baby’s skin to prevent it from drying all the time.

There, you are know familiar the efficiency of skin care nursing home medical products, so make sure that you have one in your medicine cabinet just in case you are going to, I’m sure you will, need

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