Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The ANA Continuing Nursing Degree Online

The American Nurses Association has made it easier for prospective nurses to earn a degree; easier still to recruit needed nurses in the US. The ANA has launched a nursing degree online available for those nurses seeking a continuing education in their field – an additional motivation for career-oriented nurses seeking to finish or keep with and make better of their profession.

The ANA continuing nursing degree online offers additional education for nurses through ISM’s or Independent Study Modules. This shall help nurses who aim to broaden their skills, knowledge, and abilities to cope with the changing field of health care asguided by the ANA's Scope and Standards of Practice for Nursing Professional Development (2002R), The American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation Manual for Accreditation as a Provider of Continuing Nursing Education (2004-2005), and the ANA's Code of Ethics for Nurses with Interpretative Statements (2001). Through this method, the ANA continuing nursing degree online is able to provide more nurses with the opportunity to earn more contact hours in their lifelong continuing nursing education learning. This shall also allow the nurses to pursue their future career goals in the nursing profession while helping them meet the mandatory requirements for their certification, license renewal, or promotion in their workplace.

With the ISM’s / Independent Study Modules adapted in the continuing nursing degree online program, the enrolled nurses are able to learn and retain knowledge by completion of the course at their own pace, within their own time frame, and at the convenience of a computer access of their own choice. The nurses also become more fully engaged in the learning process through self-testing and immediate exams correction with immediate feedback explaining the rationale for the correct answers, re-reading of the lessons and re-taking the posttest as many times as necessary until a pass grade of 75% or more accuracy, better yet a hundred percent excellence, is achieved; plus also allowing the students to request their evaluation of the ISM to better improve the ANA online nursing continuing education approach.

Upon completion of the ISM assisted ANA continuing nursing degree online course, the ANA trained nurse is immediately provided with the Continuing Nursing Education Attendance and Contact Hour Certificate so he can meet the requirements of their employer, professional association, and credentialing and licensing boards, as well as fulfilling his own professional goals and personal fulfillment. The ISM design of the online course is highly recognized as it assures that a current, relevant, and significant learning content on nursing as a profession reaches various individual nurses in different practice roles, specialties, and settings, all important to ANA and the entire field of nursing and health care.

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