Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Nursing Shortage

The projected nursing shortage in our state is 17,000 nurses by the year 2010 and 54,000 in 2020. There is no shortage of applicants as waiting lists at Pennsylvania's 127 schools of nursing are growing. However, without a sufficient number of nurse educators, this shortage will become a reality. It is not an overstatement to say that the crisis is now!

Additionally, thousands of qualified college nursing applicants are being turned away, left to find opportunities in other states or even to pursue other worthwhile occupations. The inability to educate the number of people needed, coupled with the forecast that 75% of current nurse educators will retire by the year 2019, will lead to the biggest nursing shortage ever.

There are many talented and dedicated nurses in the field with overwhelming conviction for their vocation, yet may feel stagnated with their current assignment.

The Pennsylvania Higher Education Foundation is searching for those nurses who have had rewarding careers and are searching for deeper fulfillment. You can give exponentially by becoming a nurse educator. By sharing your experience along with your knowledge to hundreds of nursing students, you will be helping to assure that care for the sick will not only continue but reach higher levels of quality care and medical assistance.

This is an opportune time for those looking for a new career path. You can affect the entire nursing industry and renew your vocation to nursing by choosing to become a nurse educator. Please give this opportunity serious consideration.For information on continuing education, a list of graduate schools in Pennsylvania and financial aid, please click on the following website link:

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