Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Need A Change? Maybe Teaching Next Generation of Heroes is Your Calling

I read through many posts in which current nurses are feeling burned out. A common theme among nurses is overworked, underpaid, and underappreciated. Most assuredly you are not underappreciated by your patients who are grateful for the care you provide. But, I can understand that many employers take for granted those who provide such a selfless service as nursing.Maybe the change you need is to take your experience to the next generation of nurses by becoming a nurse educator. This would satisfy both your calling in the healthcare profession and address the shortage of nursing crisis.

I’m not certain if every state has a program to financially assist current nurses to go back to school to become nurse educators, but Pennsylvania has a fine program in place; The Pennsylvania Higher Education Foundation. Several years ago they formed to address the nursing shortage and offered scholarships, grants, and low interest loans to persons looking to become nurses. Now they find that nursing schools in Pennsylvania (and many other states) are turning away nursing candidates due to the lack of nurse educators.If you live or work in Pennsylvania and would like to explore your options for financial aid to become a nurse educator, visit:http://www.higheredfoundation.org/home.shtml

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