Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Nursing Scrubs – Special Clothing

Scrubs came into existence in the 20th century. Scrubs are medical uniforms. Scrubs got its name from the practice of physicians of thoroughly washing or “scrubbing” their hands before performing surgery. Doctors and Surgeons should also wear scrubs during surgery. Nowadays, every people working at hospitals are bound to wear scrubs to avoid any spreading of germs and bacteria.

The traditional starched white uniforms with white cap, white stockings, white socks and fitted dress of nurses has been replaced by nursing scrubs. White clothing was found to reflect light, thus changing their special clothing to green.

Nursing scrubs are usually worn during surgery. Nursing scrubs should be loose-fitting and very comfortable for complete mobility, as nurses move a lot from one place to another, and nurses are required to be alert.

Nursing scrubs are a pair of cotton or cotton/polyester pants with a drawstring, short sleeved, and v-neck top, all of which are the same material. They are made so because cotton is absorbent and reduces bad smell. Cotton nursing scrubs are used for both aesthetic and health reasons. These scrubs are very comfortable to wear and easy to clean. They are also very good in stopping bad smells and body odors. Nursing scrubs should be washed at high temperatures to kill any germs or bacteria.

Traditionally, nursing scrubs are light green, but now they come in different colors and patterns. The light green scrubs first became popular in the 1970s. Many hospitals use a variety of colors to determine different departments. Nursing scrubs have decorated designs and patterns like bears, racecars, clowns or other cartoon characters to help make patients especially children feel at ease.

Nursing scrubs may come in pink or lavender for the delivery department, light blue scrubs for surgical staff, dark blue for the emergency department, light blue green in color worn during surgery. Hospitals can also imprint their logos or hospital names on the scrubs to add a professional touch. Others also require to wear pins or badge together with their scrubs for identification purposes.

Nurses and doctors alike work exceptionally long hours. That’s why their special clothing are expected to keep up with them.

The front-button nursing scrubs are worn by nurses helping inside the operating rooms. These types give them comfort and ease of movement. Sometimes, they are equipped with a waist-length long-sleeved jacket with no lapels.

Nowadays scrubs are not only found in the hospitals but also worn by housewives at home while cooking and washing to avoid stains and what not.

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